TOO + ADJECTIVE     (NOT) ENOUGH + ADJECTIVE       (NOT) ENOUGH + NOUN
We use TOO beforeADJECTIVES to express that the amount or degree of something is more than desirable, necessary, acceptable or sensible: ENOUGH is used afterADJECTIVES to express that a quantity is as much as you need to achieve a particular purpose ENOUGH is used in front ofa NOUN to express that a quantity is as much as you need in order to achieve a particular purpose.
That skirt is too long for you!
You work too much.
There were too many people outside.
He isn't tall enough to be a police officer.
He's intelligent enough to pass the test.
I don't have enough time to finish the test.
He doesn't have enough petrolto arrive home.
1. Complete with TOO or ENOUGH and the adjective in brackets:
a) Peter is  to become a police officer. He's only 1.65 cm tall. (short)
b) I'd like to buy a new car and a good house, but I'm just not  to do it. (rich)
c) My school is  from my house to go on foot. So, I cycle to school every morning. (far)
d) Kelly is  to drive a car. She's only 14. (young)
e) That skirt you are wearing is  for you. You need a bigger size. (tight)
f) David is quite a fast runner, but he isn't  to beat the Italian runner, who is considered to be the best. (fast)
g) I'm a good swimmer, but I'm not  to enter a championship. (good)
h) The beach was  yesterday, so we decided to go somewhere else. (crowded)
i) We wanted to go to Paris last weekend, but the plane tickets were , so we stayed at home. (expensive)
j) This T-shirt isn't  for me. I need a bigger one. (big)
k) We didn't buy the sofa because it wasn't . (comfortable)
l) The students are  to study the irregular verbs list by heart. (lazy)
m) The soup isn't . I'd like it to be hotter. (hot)
n) Don't eat that chicken! It's . (salty)
o) The music is  and I can't hear anything you say. (loud)
2. Complete the sentences with ENOUGH and the given noun. Pay attention to its position in the sentence!
a) Robert doesn't have  (money) to pay for his new car. He's in trouble!
b) There is  (room) for both of us in that sofa. It's quite big.
c) He doesn't make  (profit) in his company to buy those expensive presents.
d) There's  (fruit) in the fridge for the whole week. We don't need to buy any more.
e) I don't have  (time) to finish my homework.
3. Choose the correct option:
a) David has got  to buy a new motorbike. He has been saving a lot.
b) We are  to help you at the moment. Come back later please!
c) My sister  to be a model. Perhaps when she grows up...
d) Don't be silly! You are  for bungee jumping. For God's sake, grandad! You're 89!
e) Mary wants to travel around the world on her own, but she's still .
f) The exam was  for the students to pass it.
g) There wasn't  in the car for all of us, so we had to take the bus.
h) The restaurant was  and the food wasn't very good. We won't come back there.
i) This activity is  and I'm tired!
j) We've had  now. I think I understand it very well.
4. Choose the correct sentence for each picture:
  a) Robbie's parents  every week.
b) Luck, that ice-cream is far . You won't be able to finish it.
  c) This chair . I'd rather sit on the armchair.
  d) There are !