Match the questions to the answers.
1. Where is your house?  a. because I'm sick. 
2. How are you?  b. spaghetti. 
3. When is the school party?  c. on Herzl Street. 
4. Why are you home today?  d. I'm great,thank you. 
5. Who is your best friend?  e.  Anna 
6. What is your favorite food?  f. on July 15th 
  • Tick the correct Wh-word  .
1. Who / Why / Where 
are the kids?
They are outside now.
2.How / Who / Why 
is the baby in bed ?
Because he is very tired.
3.What / When / How old 
is the test?
on Friday
4. How much / When / How 
 are the oranges?
two dollars a kilo
5. How much / How old / When
is your sister?
She is 17 years old today.
6.What / Where / Who
 color is the dress?
It is green.
7.How / How many / Why
do you go to work every morning?
I go to work by car.
8.Where / What / When
 are my shoes?
They are under the chair.
9. Why / What / When 
are you home every day?
at about 17:00 p.m.
10.How / Where / What
 is on the shelf?
the radio
  • Complete the sentences with the correct Wh-word .


    1.   are you excited?                 because I have birthday today.

2. are you today ?                 I’m fine ,thank you.

3. is  your coat ?                   in the bedroom

  4. is she at the moment?       at home

5. is your birthday ?              in September Mr. Bean ?                     55 years old

7. is that woman?                  She is our sport teacher.

8. are they  working?            in the book shop   

9. apples do you have ?         three apples

10. are the children?             in the swimming pool

11. is Rita doing ?                    She is watching TV now.

12. does your car cost ?         2.000 $ dollars

13. time is it ?                         It’s nine o’clock.

14. are the kids sad?                 because they don’t go to the cinema.

15. is the party?                     at 5 o’clock

16. friends do you have?        I have two good friends.

17. do they go to school?       by bus

18. do you eat lunch?              in the afternoon

19. is on the desk?                  a new notebook

   20.  is in the kitchen?           my little brother