Physical description &  Clothes.
Based on Surprise 5 Unit 1
When we describe someone, we use the verb "have/has got".
You have got blue eyes.
She has got long hair.
When we talk about clothes, we use the verb form is/are wearing.
You are wearing a blue T-shirt.
She is wearing a short skirt.
1. Listen and choose the right word.
2. Read the text and complete with the RIGHT spelling.
My brother has got big  eyes. He's  long hair. Today, he's  a blue  and .
My brother  playing football, and he also  watching T.V.
He  ten years old. His favourite subjects  English, Maths and Science.


4. Read the text and answer the test.

Ferdinand is a very vain boy. He thinks he has a nice long brown hair and beautiful big blue eyes. He lives in a Town called Plymouth, in the South of England. He's ten years old. He goes to Green Lane School, and he's doing 5th grade. His favourite subjects are Art, History and Spanish language. He's a good student.
His favourite singer is Shakira. He likes pets, but he can't have one, because he lives in a small house with his parents, his sister and his grandmother.
- Ferdinand thinks his hair is
                                               nice short and brown 
                                               nice long and black 
                                               nice long and brown 
- He lives in
                                              the north of England 
                                              the south of Spain 
                                              in the south of England 
- His favourite subjects are
                                             Art, Spanish language and Maths 
                                             History, Art and Spanish language 
                                             Art, History and English language 
- He likes the music of Shakira
- He has two dogs and one cat.
-Ferdinand is very tall.
      This information is not in the text