First name: estefanya
 Last name: posada
 Age: 18 years old
 City: Medellin- Antioquia
 Country: Colombia
  Languages: Spanish
  Occupation: student
Interests: ¡enjoy listening to music (pop, romance, and vallenato), going to the sea, and traveling,I   want to   visit Thailand, this vacation!
E-mail address:
Message:  hi everyone! I want to make friends, why I want to learn languages ​​and this is a good opportunity to learn, plus I enjoy studying, and every day learns new things. Am joyful and fighter always.




Once upon a time a child called Estefania posada agudelo, she lived in a town very a far off city, with her mom, her dad and her brother, she studied since pree school, until eigth, then she  was for the city, she is 18 year old, now she is academic graduate with profundization in pedagogic, currely she study for superior normalista, she is a person  serious, creative, responsible, respectful, caring, punctual, with goals and desire laborarme a good future.