Write the verbs in past tense                           
  1. clean 
  2. cook 
  3. dive 
  4. do 
  5. drive 
  6. eat     
  7. go     
  8. hit     
  9. live  
  10. pay
  11. play   
  12. read 
  13. run    
  14. sit 
  15. speak 
  16. study 
  17. swim 
  18. think 
  19. type 


 Write what the people did yesterday             



You cook dinner every day.  
  1. I clean my room after breakfast. 
  2. He dives in the sea. 
  3. We live in Salacgriva.     
  4. You cook very tasty meals 
  5. He eats salad for dinner. 
  6. It swims in the lake. 
  7. We speak three languages. 
  8. He sits at the window at his work. 
  9. She sits at the table. 
  10. We run in the park in the morning.        
  11. You hit the empty can in the street.   
  12. They run to work every morning.   
  13. He plays the guitar very well. 
  14. She drives a nice new car.            
  15. They swim in the river in summer. 
  16. You think about your future. 
  17. He lives in Latvia.   
  18. She reads different magazines. 
  19. We cook meals in the evening.      
  20. I have some bread on the table. 
  21. I have a pocket in my new jacket. 
  22. You have a candle on the table at the window. 
  23. They have a lot of candles in their room. 
  24. She has a little brother. 
  25. I have some friends in different countries 
  26. I work every day. 
  27. I have a black car. 
  28. I like black coffee. 
  29. I have a party in summer.