Complete the following sentences using adverbs.
1. They laughed  (happy)
2. The dog ran  (quick)
3. Ruth solved the problem  (easy)
4. Bob spoke about his new job  (dramatic)
5. She is always  dressed. (beautiful)
6. You are writing too  (slow) 
7. She spoke  about him. (nice)
8. I think you are working  (hard)
9. He drives very  (careful)
10. His temperature went up  (fast)
Choose the correct word
1. She could hard  hardly walk after the accident.
2. My book is near   nearly finished.
3. She is too  short  shortly. She cannot be a model.
4. I would like two tickets for the late lately ahow.
5. I will let you know my decision short shortly.
6. This problem is too hard  hardly for me.
7. I live near  nearly the supermarket.
8. He has been very sick late lately.
9. There is near nearly no money left.
10. We will go on vacation short  shortly.
11. This is hard  hardly the way to speak to your teacher.
12. He is often late  lately to work.
13. The operation is near  nearly over.
14. Your composition is too short  shortly. It looks like a telegram.
15. He has been working too hard  hardly , late  lately.
Fill in with the correct form: adjective or adverb.
1. The movie had a  ending. (comic)
2. She will get home  . (short) I hope she will drive . (careful)
3. She described the accident . (dramatic)
4. We  studied for the test. (hard)
5. Do you think you could drive more ? (slow)
6. I thought Gil did  in his test. (good). He studied really . (hard)
7. The quiz is . (easy)
8. The plane flew  to London. (direct)
9. David ran  in the competition. (fast)


10. I ate the sandwich . (hungry