Present Progressive - Use

1) actions happening at the moment of speaking

Peter is reading a book now.

2) fixed plan in the near future

She is going to Basel on Saturday.

3) temporary actions

His father is working in Rome this month.

4) actions happening around the moment of speaking (longer actions)

My friend is preparing for his exams.

5) trends

More and more people are using their computers to listen to music.

6) repeated actions which are irritating to the speaker (with always, constantly, forever)

Andrew is always coming late.

Signal words

now, at the moment, Look! Listen!


to be (am, are, is) + infinitive + -ing


Affirmative sentences:

am playing football.
I'm playing football.
You are playing football.
You're playing football.

Negative sentences:

am not playing football.
I'm not playing football.
You are not playing football.
You're not playing football.
You aren't playing football.


Am I playing football? Are you playing football?