A.  Choose the correct preposition:
1. We walked  to the top of the mountain and then we cycled  to the bottom again.
2. We both jumped the swimming pool at the same time.
3. When I finished high school I drove Europe in a caravan with two of my friends.  
4. In some countries it's considered unlucky to walk a ladder.
5. The athletes ran the track for 1 hour.
6. You must always wear a helmet when you cycle in case you fall  the bike. 
7. The first person to swim the English Channel was Mathew Webb, in 1875.
8. He broke his ankle when he was trying to jump a hump in his street.
9. Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese sailor who sailed the world in the 16th Century.
10. In PE classes we have to climb a rope in 20 seconds.
11. He was skiing the hill when he had the accident. 
12. I would never do base jumping. I think it's really dangerous to jump a building even if you have a parachute.
13. Stunt motorcyclists sometimes jump cars or even buses.
14. The boat sailed the river up to the sea.
15. Get of the car now! I have to take you to school.
16. Drivers in the Paris-Dakar drive the Sahara desert.
17. Our class walked a beautiful forest during our last school trip.
18. If you are afraid of heights don't look when you are climbing the mountain.
19. The teacher walked  the class, so we stopped talking and sat down.
20. If I walk  that door, I will never come back.
B.  Now write the correct preposition under each picture. Use capital letters.
 the swimming pool      the chair           the ladder      the hill          the swing       the forest
 the hurdle        the river         the desert